Why fertilizer is important for your Florida Lawn

Why fertilizer is important for your Florida Lawn

A lush, inviting lawn is the goal of many homeowners, but your lawn needs help to look its best.

Florida’s soil supplies some of the nutrients that your grass needs but spodosol soil is not able to provide all of the nutrients required throughout the entire growing season. Here in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding areas our soil type is spodosol which is a soil of an order rich in aluminum oxide and organic matter, typically characterized by low fertility, and including most podzols. A healthy and actively growing lawn uses a great deal of energy. Fertilizer helps your lawn stay healthy by:

  • Promoting new leaf and root growth
  • Aiding in recovery from foot traffic and pest damage
  • Reducing and controlling weeds
  • Replacing nutrients lost to leaching, volatilization and grass clipping removal

We here at LWR Property Maintenance like to refer to fertilizer as food for your grass. As it stands, grass is living and requires a balanced diet to keep healthy and recover fully. Think of grass like your body, if you don’t get the proper nutrients you start to lose weight and your health deteriorates. The same happens with grass and when using fertilizer it helps fill the gaps that the soil can’t provide and it also contains additives with aid in greening grass and promoting new growth.

You must choose the right food if you expect a healthy, green lawn.  Where you live, what type of grass you have, what season it is – all are important factors in choosing the right type of fertilizer. When you use LWR Property Maintenance to fertilizer your lawn you can rest assured we take all of these factors and many more in when we apply fertilizer to your lawn. LWR Property Maintenance evaluates your lawn before an application and adjusts your lawns food accordingly.

LWR Property Maintenance may recommend doing a soil test so we can get the exact reading for your soil. This helps us evaluate how to get your soil as close to natural as possible.  Soil tests will determine the pH of your soil. The pH level is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of a substance. The pH of your soil is important because it determines the ability of the grass to use the ingredients in the fertilizer. A pH range between 6.0 and 7.0 is accepted as being the best for growing quality grass.

Knowing when to feed your lawn is essential. LWR Property Maintenance uses a proven schedule that was out together by the University Of Florida, which does all the research and genetically modifying of our grass. It takes commitment – a regular fertilizing schedule is required if you want a great-looking lawn year after year.  If you fertilize every now and then do not expect great results.

As always, we always caution when applying fertilizer as it is chemicals and too much could cause severe damage to your lawn, pets and people and not enough will have not affect to your lawn. We here at LWR Property Maintenance measure your lot and calculate how much of each part of fertilizer you need and complete an application from there.

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