Have your sprinkler system checked before the summer heat!

Have your sprinkler system checked before the summer heat!

With summer time right around the corner, your grass will need a little help from your irrigation system. Most homeowners don’t think to have their irrigation system checked yearly but it could lead to a costly mistake. We recommend having your irrigation system maintained yearly to prevent any major malfunction. When LWR Property Maintenance completes a irrigation service we complete a wide range of tasks to ensure your system is ready for the extra load during the summer.

Some of the things LWR Property Maintenance completes while servicing your irrigation system are:

  • Reset control unit and reprogram for optimum performance
  • Clear all grass away from every sprinkler head, dig about 4 inches down and fill will shell rock (This helps ensure grass growth doesn’t return.)
  • Verify all heads have donuts around them. If they are missing donuts or they are cracked we will list out all areas of concern and recommend replacement
  • Verify all heads are working as designed
  • Verify sprinkler heads are spraying correctly

These items are just a few services to highlight while we are preforming an irrigation service. After we complete the irrigation service you will be provided with a list of recommendations for your system (if there are any) and a quote to complete the repairs. We will even take it a step further and guarantee same day service on the repairs if being completed the same day we preform a system service.

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