What should I be looking for when switching for a new lawn care company in Lakewood Ranch, FL

It may not seem like it, but switching lawn maintenance / care companies can be a daunting task. Weather its price, quality, liability, language or certifications, we will list a few of the most important things to look for in your new company.

In Lakewood Ranch / Manatee County to cut grass as a company and charge a customer for the service you must be Green Industries Best Management Practices certified. If a company doesn’t hold  this certification they are cutting grass illegally on your property, and run the risk of getting a violation from Code Enforcement.  Manatee Code Enforcement from time to time drives around checking for this licenses.

Next we suggest checking with the states business licenses to ensure the company you are about to hire is registered with the state and legally allowed to conduct business in the State of Florida. You can check a businesses license at http://www.sunbiz.org  

You will also make sure, whoever is working on your property is properly insured. You will want to look for a GL policy (General liability), we suggest a minimum of 1,000,000 per occurrence and 2,000,000 aggregate. This policy will cover whoever works for the business and gets injured on the job on you property. This is very important! Most companies don’t carry an insurance policy, so if a worker get injured on your property they may come looking at your home insurance policy! Here is a few things that a GL policy will cover

  • Damage to customers property
  • Damage to rented properties (e.g. a fire)
  • Injury to a third party including related medical expenses
  • Actions of companies staff, including temporary employees
  • Claims of personal injury including libel and slander


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